One size fits all

In the world of training, this simply does not exist.  As straightforward as this is, there are still people out there who promote this perspective. This does the most harm to begginers who have a hard time filtering information and separating the good from the bad.  

You have to do exercise x.

You have to do x amount of volume.

You have to eat x amout of protein, carbs and fat.

You have to train in this time of day.

If you don’t do this you won’t progress bro.

Just stop. 

Just because something has worked for you and you found value in it doesn‘t mean it can be carried over to the whole population. That is a very closed-minded and self-centered approach that doesn’t bring much success in the long run.

It is important to understand that our bodies are dynamic systems that depend on a lot of factors. When you add intra- and inter-individual diffrences to this, it is very hard to understand why would people proceed to make such bold claims.

Would you force a tall person with long femurs and poor mobility to do High-bar Back Squats just because you think it’s the king of all leg exercises?

Would you force a mother of two to go to the gym 5 times per week because you found that anything below doesn’t bring progress? 

I hope not.

Of course, there are general guidelines that have been shown to be effective for the majority of the population. You can follow them, but to find out what works for you takes time and experimentation.

Stay away from people who advocate a dogmatic, one-size-fits-all approach. Take the time to experiment and be careful where you get your information from. 

Learn to filter information and recognize real vs. bs. If you struggle to do so, then you would probably benefit from hiring a quality coach who will do it for you.

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