With the trend of online coaching growing, especially in the last year, it‘s clear to see that certain misunderstandings about the whole concept have started to develop. This is either caused by false  assumptions and expectations from the potential clients, or from coaches who offer the service but don’t properly deliver information about what their service is actually about. 

This situation creates a huge gap between the two sides and it can lead to both ends of the spectrum. People can get disappointed, but also surprised and overwhelmed by the service they receive.

Some of the common misconceptions include:

  1. Belief that Online Coaching is a product, and not a service
    •  just because you hire a Coach doesn’t automatically mean you will make progress that is out of this world. Coaching is a service that depends on the cooperation and effort from both sides, the end product being, the results you achieve as a consequence of this cooperation. 
    • Coaches at Strength & Skills know this, and they don’t simply send you the program and carelessly continue to their every day life. We make the effort to consistently interact with our client, to stay in touch, know where they are at both mentally and physically. We understand that life happens and thus, make modifications and adapt the program to the clients needs/possibilites.
  2. Online Coaching isn’t as effective as Personal Coaching
    •  You could propably make this argument 20 years ago, but with the way technology has developed, this is easily refutable. Its rapid development has given us the tools to literally  work with people across continents.
    • It enables us to effectievly notice, highlight and fix all the little details when doing a form check. In such a way, you get the effect that your Coach is with you every session, telling you what needs to be fixed.
    • And if something really needs to be worked on, there is an exclusive option of doing a live form check, where you book an appointment with your coach and you get your problems fixed in a matter of minutes

Additional misconceptions about Online Coaching include:

  1. Belief that Online Coaching is no more than a training and nutrition sheet -> this couldn’t be further away from the truth, especially at Strength & Skills Coaching. 
    • You get your training program completely adapted and individualised based on your goals, oppurunities and deficits in strength. We make sure to dismay those weaknesses and bring your performance to the next level. 
    • With nutrition, it’s not just the macros, but also tips and tricks on how to hit your nutrition goals more easily.  Advice on quality food options, but also suplementation to get you to your desired body composition while still having the freedom to have a social life.
    • On top of all of that, you get to be part on an awesome community of athletes who have the same mindset, go through the same struggles and grind towards the same goals as you do. Such a growth-oriented environment brings the best out of you and there is no amount of money that can compensate for that.
  2. Belief that Online Coaching is too expensive 
    • if you honestly love what you do, then making an investement in it, shouldn’t be questioned. You don’t question and hesitate to pay your car mechanic if you know your engine needs to be fixed. Why would it be any different with the service of coaching?
    • Price is a measure of quality, and the notion that you get what you pay for is true in this case.  Strength&Skills is at the top of this game for a reason. Producing quality results, over and over again, is their craft. 
    • When you take all the services you get at Strength&Skills into account vs. what you pay, you could make the argument that you end up in a surplus.

Coaches have the duty to clearly express themselves about what they do / don’t offer. In that way, the gap is between both groups is closed and you enter the loop of happy-client-proud-coach more easily.

If you are serious, passionate and ambitious about your training, willing to make an investement and get yourself one step closer to your goals, then get yourself an appointment call and let’s see if we fit eachother.

Coaches at Strength&Skills know their shit. 

We’ve got your back.


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