I was...
...where you are now

I was a fat nonathletic guy when I joined the German army

Just having the dream of being one of these hardcore soldiers I only knew from movies so far. But - reality hit me hard.

So, I had to learn how far away I was from this.

Running, so much running.

Hundreds and thousands of Push-ups.

And my nonexistent pull-ups. My nemesis. I couldn't even do one.

One time I had to hang that long on that pull-up bar trying to pull myself up there the blood was already running down my arms from my hands, but the sergeant major had no mercy.

But this lead to "Revenge" after I left the army 2 years later.

Knowing nothing about training and nutrition

Just following what I heard about it - of course didn't work out well for my progress.

I started training calisthenics at my home. Went for runs nearly daily. I read everything that I could get into my hands about training and nutrition.

And of course - I started by a classic low-carb diet. Doing high reps and running.

I ran a half-marathon...
finally learned a pull-up...
went up to 15 pull-ups...
learned my first Muscle-up...
also dropped down to 90Kg of bodyweight...

Meanwhile, we founded "Calisthenics Wetzlar" by the end of 2013 - which went from 6 guys just meeting up training together on a Sunday to 136 people training all together every Sunday and evolved into an actual sports club from there.

This was actually the time I made my first steps into coaching.

Coaching people from total beginners into competition was something I enjoyed a lot.

Loads of the people were coming from the very beginning. Not even being able to do a single Push-up or Pull-up.

So, the mission went clear - make them stronger, fitter, looking better.

It was 2017

My athletes won several national and international competitions. I decided to go all in and to make my biggest passion of my life into my actual business.

That was when Bar-Bell Coaching was born.

I wanted to help people on their journey to strength and an athletic body. Because I know how much this can change your whole life. 

In 2018 I even did a bodybuilding show to learn more about the whole fatloss process and competed in weighted Calisthenics Competitions in the following years taking 3rd and 2nd placements in nationals.

During that time Rado also joined the coaching team first as an athlete then as an internship for his B.Sc. - sportssience and now as a full member of the coaching team.

And here I am 8 years after I began to change my life. 

Coming from the very bottom of physical fitness.

Being at my fittest ever...
Being able to squat 200Kg for reps...
Doing Muscle-ups and Handstand push-ups... 
Looking and feeling just great...
Being the happiest person I have ever been...

Ready to be the helping hand to get you through your journey, knowing - I've been were you are right now.

I know how it feels.

And I know how to change that.

Let's change that into: Going to be the strongest, best looking and most happy person you have ever been in your life.

Trust me - this is not always rainbows and sunshine. It's work! But the result is more than worth it.

And I hope you will understand that this is a lifelong journey that just gets better once you started.

Walk the Walk.
yours, Nik