Build your athletic body that is made to:
look great 
be healthy
and perform strong.

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The Strength & Skills

"Hybrid Athlete Strategy"

Maximum Results - minimum Equipment needed

Build an athletic, strong body capable to withstand any challenge that's coming up through an holistic training concept.
Make sure to look great - not only naked but in your favorite powersuit aswell through the athletic training approach.
Build healthy eating patterns to perform strong, look great, feel amazing while enjoying life through our nutrional advise.
Run faster, move and control your body well while lifting heavy weights through the individual training program provided for you.
Keep your body healthy through our techniqual analysis to make sure you train with a good form.

Why People choose to work with our exclusive coaching service?

Of course to bring the performance to the next level and look great naked but let's check what it means to work with us:

Progress oriented

Our Coaches make sure our service is always driving towards the desired outcome under the given individual circumstances regarding:

- health situation

- Equipment (homegym, gym...)

- nutritional preferences (vegan, vegetarian, religion...)

- possible timeinvest (sessions per week, sessionlength...)

- privatelife situation, stress, workload...

Optimized Technique

Our coaches make sure you train with a good form through continuous technique analysis so you:

- learn to perform 

- minimize risk of injury

- train more efficient 

- progress sustainable

Planing done for you

All you have to do is train, eat, sleep. Rest is on the S&S Coaches. Including all analysis regarding Training & Nutrition:

- Daily and weekly programming

- Periodisation months ahead

- Analysing and adapting weekly

Nutrition included

Individual nutritional advise is always included in the process so you:

- eat right to build more muscle mass

- eat right to reduce body fat

- eat right to stay healthy

- eat right to perform great

- eat right to be energized all day


Our Coaches make sure to do their best to take care of your  health including:

- Individual Mobility and Flexiblity Routines

- incorperating needed cardio 

- balancing volume and intensity to the individual

- Nutritional advise

- Antistress strategies

Recovery, sleep & stress

Providing all the help needed to recover better, destress and sleep better including:

- sleep guides

- mental resillience routines

- antistress strategies

- recovery tactics 

Time efficient

Your program is fitted to your scedule:

- train whenever it fits your scedule

- timeinvest per session depends on your timeframe

- chosen exercises fitted to your circumstances


Coaches support and community included:

- weekly group video call for all questions

- weekly check-ins with your coach

- on the go messenger in the coaching group


The Strength&Skills online learning Plattform including:

- Excercise Tutorials

- Seminars and How to videos

- Guides for 

RESULTS to prove the concept:

We want you to get your top performance, you'll look better than ever, perform better than ever and get your mind built up. We want you to become the strongest version of yourself, and we will take care of that.


Rado Bosic

Personal Trainer

Rado had clear training goals but difficulties to reach them. He started changing things all the time and was completely frustrated.

With the start of the coaching, Rado was able to increase his numbers in all lifts while perfecting his technique in the same time.

A few results of coaching are a 15kg muscle up, 45kg pull up, 75kg Dip & 200Kg Squat and a 220Kg Deadlift for 6 Reps.

Veit Heller

IT Expert, Technologist

Veit was right at the beginning of his his fitness journey when he started with us. He wanted serious results whilst being able to manage it all with a newborn baby, family and loads of work. Of course he didn't want to make mistakes and waist time oon the journey.

So a few results after the first 6 months of coaching are:

- a solid and clean Ring muscle up

- a 35Kg Chin-up

- a 55kg Dip 

- a 150Kg Deadlift

- a 115kg Squat.

- and a solid Handstand

Sabrina Fleper

Embedded Software Developer

Sabrina already had a lot of training experience, was always structured and always had a plan. However, she realized the big difference with individual coaching when she started.

Through coaching, she has a much more balanced plan to address her weaknesses and quickly become much stronger.

A major result of coaching is that she is confident in lifting heavier weights, which makes her overall workouts much more effective.

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I was...
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I was completely nonathletic and totally lacked physical ability.

I knew nothing about training and nutrition.

Until I changed everything and I not only became a successfull competition athlete but also became one of the most successful online coaches in Germany.

9 years of transformation.

9 years of learning, struggle, sweat and tears. To lead now.

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